14 clever ways to get your step count


Dance like no-one’s looking

Every morning I dance around the house for 30 mins – 3000 steps
Click & Collect


Make every brew count!

I pace round the table while the kettle boils. Not allowed to stop walking till the little ping says its done.


Maximise the dog walk!

When I take the dog for a walk, every time she stops to sniff (which is a LOT!) I do steps on the spot until she’s ready to move on again (must look a bit daft though!)


Make your sport work harder

When I play golf with three others, I do all the ball searching for everyone.
Wild Irish Rose


Use your location

I live on 4th floor (80 steps) and, if I haven’t made it, I walk up and down until I do!!


Get labour intensive

I take washing to peg on the line one item at a time and again to fetch them in.


Make your own indoor gym

I’m in a block of flats so I walk up and down the corridors. Great when it’s raining. I go into the large shops on the High Street and go up and down the aisles there as well as in the supermarket. I have sore feet so these places make for easier walking than hard pavements.



Drag out domestic chores

I leave shopping bags at the front door and empty each item individually, have also been known to empty the dishwasher, again each item separately, walking each piece of cutlery etc round the house for a circuit as I go! Kids give me funny looks but are now getting used to me taking odd objects for a walk round the house before I put them away.


Rent a dog

I don’t have a dog of my own and volunteer with Cinnamon Trust and take out a little Yorkie.


Get community spirited

Volunteering as a litter picker for the local parish council. Really surprising how many steps add up in a couple of hours and the satisfaction of keeping the neighbourhood clean is great.


Why stand when you can move?

I pace up and down at bus stops, while waiting for lifts and I step side to side in a queue. I have a stepper at home & if I need to get a last few steps in, I’m on it while brushing my teeth, removing make up etc. In my old job, I used to walk around the restaurant reading my Kindle when it was quiet!


Travel opportunities

When I travel by train for work I now march up and down the station between trains. It turns what would be a day without much exercise into a day with more than 10,000 steps usually.


Talk and walk

If I haven’t done enough steps near the end of the day, I call my mum and walk around the house while I’m on the phone. We always talk for at least an hour and I don’t even notice I’m moving!


Lounge circuit training

I work at home, with a totally sit-in-front-of-the-computer job. But although I work in a small office, the room next door is quite big and in that room I have put all the furniture and other stuff in the middle of the room. That means that I can walk around the outside of that room (it’s about 20 steps each circuit). I have also put a CD player in there. So I set the computer to give an alarm call, stop what I’m doing, go into the big room, put a CD on and walk the circuit. I have been doing this for three years now, and it has helped my dieting hugely – apart from anything else it means I can walk whatever the weather is like!

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