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  • Kindaian says:

    That is all fine, but if i eat more then 1g per day i get in trouble with high blood pressure. Solution: no processed anything, bake your own bread (no salt added).

    Of all of those things, the only thing that i can ocasionally eat is one or two slices of cheese (low salt ones).

    Salt, is just something i nowadays use more to do cleaning (in the dish washer) or when cleaning shellfish (which i can only eat very ocasionally).

    Low salt just means less salt, doesn’t mean that i can eat it (most green labeled stuff in supermarkets have between 0.5g to 1.2g per meal).

    If one adds to that the sodium naturally occurring in some foods, then the normal 2g of sodium per day that are recommended for a low salt diet are easyly surpassed.

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