Get more fibre in your diet


It is not currently a requirement for UK food products to include fibre in the nutritional breakdown on the pack. Some products show fibre, but many do not. As we use food labels as our data source, until this changes, Nutracheck doesn’t track fibre.

Q. How much fibre do we need?
A. 30g a day

Most adults only manage around 12g per day.

5 tips to get more fibre in your diet

  1. Eat at least 5 portions of fruit and veg every day – ideally more.
  2. Make wholegrains the rule and refined grains the exception i.e. choose brown not white.
  3. Always have breakfast and choose a high fibre cereal or wholemeal toast.
  4. Replace meat in casseroles and stews with beans (e.g. kidney beans or chickpeas) and lentils to cut calories and increase fibre.
  5. Include extra pulses in home-made soup e.g. pea and ham, lentil or minestrone soup with a mix of beans.

10 good sources of fibre



  • Sprog says:

    Dear Emma,
    Thanks for this, it is interesting!

    Look forward to next week and the Q&A session too.


  • Mary Worby says:

    I think this is helpful. I have had a problem with constipation since being on this weight loss programme. I have found that 5gms Chia seed with 10gms Porridge oats and 50gms chopped figs soaked in water overnight and cooked for 2mins on high in the microwave for 3 days a week for Breakfast is the solution to the problem.

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