Understanding how your diet measures up

You can track up to 6 nutrients in your diary on the website – and this handy bar chart on the right gives you a summary at a glance on how you’re doing.
The bars change colour when you exceed the guide amount.

Salt and saturated fat immediately turn red as a warning to keep a close eye on these.

If you go over on carbs and protein, the bar turns amber – it’s not a major health concern to go slightly over on these nutrients, but it’s helpful to try and stick around the guide amount to maintain a healthy balance in your diet.

If you exceed the sugar guide, the bar will turn amber to flag up that you should check your diary to see which foods the sugar is coming from. If it’s from natural sugars in fruit and milk products, that’s okay. If it is from foods with added sugars, try to limit these.

Hover over the bars to see how many grams you’ve eaten. In the App, tap on each bar.

Pie Chart

Or you might be more interested in the overall proportion of nutrients in your diet, how many calories are coming from the 3 main food groups – you can view a pie chart. It shows the guide amount and how you are tracking against it.
Or if you liked things the way they were, you still have the simple calories and fat bar chart.
Switch between the charts by clicking on the icons. The same applies for your Week View, get a 7 day picture of your diet. There are lots of reports on the website to help you – see your top 20 highest sugar or salt foods.
In the App, tap on the icon top right. The standard chart shows all nutrients – just tap top right to see your pie chart.

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  • Tina Samson says:

    Hi. I’m really struggling to lose about 5 lbs. my calorie allowance is 1400 which is too much I feel as I’ve not been able to exercise as much because of a hip problem. I cut down to 1200 but the weight stubbornly refuses to move do I’m now down to 1200! I’m 67 and for 18 years have had no sense of smell so I can only “taste” salt, sweet, bitter hot, sour. Absolutely no flavours. I get cross when people make fatuous suggestions about adding herbs or spices as I can’t tell a chive from a blade of grass! Needless to say, sweet and salty are important to me although I don’t use sugar and minimum salt.

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