Summer Shape Up Mini Task

Week 1 Mini Task

Every day this week, find your favourite motivational quote for the day and share it with your team mates

Sometimes reading something motivating can be just the inspiration we need to stay on track for the day.


Week 2 Mini Task

With every meal and snack you have this week have some fruit or veg with it

This is a great habit to get into to ensure you reach your full 5-a-day target every day. So breakfast – add fruit; morning cereal bar, have some veg sticks too! Just a little extra goodness every time you eat.


Week 3 Mini Task

Complete a task every day this week that you have been putting off

It doesn’t have to be anything huge, but just something that you have been meaning to do, but not got round to.


Week 4 Mini Task

Swap one food item every day this week for a healthier alternative

So have a think about your choices and think where you could make a healthier choice.


- Swap cereal for porridge
- Swap a chocolate bar for a cereal bar
- Swap white bread for wholemeal bread
- Swap a cereal bar for a handful of mixed nuts
- Swap a pack of crisps for a couple of rice cakes with low fat cream cheese


Week 5 Mini Task

Do some positive self talk every day this week 

Many of us don’t have the most positive things to say to or about ourselves, but this can really have an impact on us.

The acid test would be to ask yourself ‘would I say to a friend the things I say to myself?’ If not, then you should really go easier on yourself!

The things we say to ourselves can have a huge impact on our actions! So this week I want you to focus on the things you do well and the things you are proud of.

So at the end of each day say out loud to yourself the following:

• Today I’m proud of myself for doing….
• I did really well today at….
• I have control and I am willing to try.

Hopefully it will help to remind you of the things you are good at, and also to acknowledge the things you do well each day.


Week 6 Mini Task

Try 4 new fruits/vegetables this week

We’re all creatures of habit and tend to stick to the same meals and foods. But next week I want you to think outside the box. Find 4 different fruits or vegetables that you haven’t had before or certainly don’t have often, and stick them in your shopping basket. Then find yourself a recipe to use them in.

Different fruits and vegetables have different types of nutrients, so variety is key! If possible, try to opt for a selection of colours too, to up the nutrient variety as much as possible.

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