• Emma Brown Nutracheck Nutritionist says:

    It’s not always possible to plan ahead and know exactly what we’re going to eat – and that’s what’s great about using the Nutracheck App or website – you can keep track of your diet regardless.

    But what planning does allow is a little more choice and control.

    If we have to grab food on the fly, sometimes options are limited – and invariably there are more unhealthy choices than healthy ones. Vending machine are rarely stocked with fresh fruit and yogurt!

    Plus having less structured eating throughout the day makes us more vulnerable to energy dips – which again can mean we reach for something quick and less healthy to give us a boost.

    For anyone who is curious, here is the breakdown of calories for each meal and snack:

    Homemade day – Breakfast (294 calories & 6g fat), morning snack (142 calories & 1.4g fat), lunch (446 calories & 14.3g fat), afternoon snack (140 calories & 10.7g fat), dinner (597 cals & 16.2g fat).

    Buy in day – Breakfast (291 calories & 6.8g fat), morning snack (240 calories & 13.5g fat), lunch (517 calories & 18g fat), afternoon snack (440 calories & 22.8g fat), dinner (385 calories & 11.1g fat).

  • nadine says:

    i plan or at least have a vague idea of what i’m going to eat each day but my fridge and freezer are well stocked and i seldom buy ready made foods. there’s no need. for dinner it takes little time to cook a salmon fillet, a boneless chicken breast, chops, a frittata, pasta in tomato veg sauce, white fish in the oven with spices whilst potatoes boil (or pop in a microwave), grilled liver and mash etc etc. healthier, cheaper, takes little time. these are the quick things i make but if i have more time i make double of bolognese, casseroles and freeze half.

    inwork and lunch for me is a wholemeal sandwich i make, or a veg soup containing beans (a flask if necessary) or a salad made at home. if not possible, i buy as healthy sandwich as i can find.

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