A peek behind the bathroom door. Nutracheck members weigh-in habits.

How often do you weigh yourself?


Every day 31%
A few times a week 21%
Once a week 39%
Once a month 5%
Other 4%

Almost a third of members
weigh themselves daily.

If your goal is to lose weight, how much does your weigh-in result affect your motivation?


A lot 63%
A little 16%
Somewhat 14%
Not at all 1%
Doesn’t apply 6%

Your top weigh-in ritual – First thing in the morning, in the nude.

(for some, after a loo visit)!


Members who are maintaining said they weigh themselves MORE OFTEN than when they were losing weight.


The most popular measures members use after weight are WAIST and CLOTHING FIT.



  • Steve Marshall says:

    Hi Rachel, really interesting, but I can’t find this post anywhere on the website. I know it’s there somewhere, because google Can find it, but I don’t see where it is if I start from the website itself. Same for your post about recommending a friend. Am I missing something? I can’t believe that the posts by the boss herself are being ignored! Steve

    • Warren Nash says:

      Hi Steve, apologies you couldn’t find the post. It is now visible and you can search for it using the search box.

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