2015: What I learned

Lessons of 2015 2The first quarter of 2015 was when I finished my weight loss, and arrived at 83.5kg – a loss of 44% of my body weight. The rest of the year was the start of maintaining and, after bobbing about quite a lot over the last nine months, today I weighed 83.7kg. So the big headline is that 2015 was GOOD NEWS!! But what are the most important things I have learned to take me into 2016, and beyond?

First, and most important of all, my maintenance must be very similar to the regime that got me down to my target weight. I thought for quite a time that once I finished ‘my diet’, I would be able to go back to ‘normal eating’. That is just wrong. Give or take, my losing weight regime has become (and must continue to be) my new ‘normal’. I now know that if I went back to how I used to eat, I would be back to 148.5kg in a couple of years.

Second, I still have the ability to lose control and over-eat. My tastes have changed for the better in many ways, but that does not mean in all ways. I have had some experiences this year where I have just ‘lost it’ and ended up stuffing myself with things I thought I had lost interest in. So I must exercise ‘constant vigilance’ – my buzzword of 2015 – and if a moment of madness strikes be prepared to restrict my diet immediately to get rid of any damage done.

Third, it continues to suit me very well to weigh myself every day. I can spot any nasty trends almost as soon as they begin, and take some action. Frankly I am scared that if I don’t weigh for a couple of weeks, and I’ve put on a lot, then I will give up in disgust with the next stop 148.5kg!

Finally…I’m not much of a social networker, but I have got an awful lot from the Nutracheck forums, and from the absolutely marvellous Nutracheck admin team. Thank you everyone, and especially those who have said such nice things about this blog – I am genuinely delighted when you say that it has been a help! All the very best for 2016!


  • jill says:

    Steve, this is helpful to me. I reached maintenance in November and have read a number of posts from returning members to say they are back as they have put most of the lost weight back on. I have done that so many times in the past that I really want to not do it this time! I agree totally with having to stay vigilant. I also realise how hard it is to get my head back into gear once I take my eye off the ball! Thanks for the helpful blogs.

  • gilly says:

    Steve you are a marvel so well done not just the losing but the hard task of maintaining.
    I managed to lose 3.5 stone and over a few years regained 2.5 reading your blog has remotivated me with gusto so thank you very very much
    I have decided since reading this to take a leaf out of your book and weigh every day that way i will be in control.
    Thanks for the blogs i’me sure they will help a lot of new members.

  • Jan says:

    Steve, I love your blogs and your comments on the forum. You manage to make “grounding” comments but still keep them supportive. It is so easy to focus on the little things sometimes and get in a tis and then you come along and make an sensible, obvious and totally logical comment that just hits the nail on the head and certainly no one can argue with your weight loss. Please keep it up, you have helped me enormously, thank you.

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