Thanks for your interest in our Fitbit Step Challenge.

Fitbit and Nutracheck

Give your weight loss a boost after the Bank Holiday weekend. The challenge starts on Tuesday 5th May and runs for one week.

WIN!  We’ll be giving away 30 days free Nutracheck membership to the member who records the most steps each day.

How it works

  • Wear your Fitbit and track how many steps you take.
  • The next day look for a post in the Nutracheck forum from ‘Admin’. It will contain a link – click on the link to report your step count. We will also post this on our Facebook page.
  • The person who has recorded the most steps for the day wins 30 days Nutracheck membership.

The rules

  1. You need to sign into the Nutracheck website to report your daily step count in the Nutracheck forum. You have until 11:59 the next day to enter your step count via the link in the forum post from Admin.
  2. We will validate the number by checking your account – so make sure you’ve linked your Fitbit to your NC account. You can link via the website (under ‘My Profile’) or in the App (under ‘More’).
  3. The challenge is open to all Nutracheck members – including people on a free trial.
  4. The challenge runs for 7 days – from Tuesday 5th May until Monday 11th May.
  5. There are 7 x 30 Day Nutracheck Website & App memberships to be won. No cash alternative.
  6. If you use a different activity tracker you can still join in.

Keep a look out in the Nutarcheck forum for our posts each day next week.

Get ready to start on Tuesday!

PS The NC team will also be wearing our Fitbits and taking part – only we won’t be in the competition as that’s ‘members only’!

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