A bumpy ride near the end!

Weight Graph 18-3-15

Steve's Weight Graph 18-3-15This is the graph of my weight in the last eighteen months, since I changed my eating habits. Click on the graph to see more detail – what matters here is the nearly-straight line. Here and there are bumps up, but I managed to nip any problems in the bud pretty quickly. So it’s been a bit odd over the last month (very bottom right of the line). First there was a downward tumble of over six pounds, for no obvious reason. But I was very pleased! Then, just as I was really pleased with myself, I had two weeks of gaining a total of two pounds, again for no obvious reason. So I was pretty fed up. But then (right at the end of the line) I lost two pounds this week – pleased again!

I’ve learned two things from this. First, I don’t seem to have managed to crack the problem of weight-down-very-happy / weight-up-very-sad, and maybe I never will. Second, as I am getting near to coming in to land on the very bottom of the graph (my target weight) there’s quite a bit of down-up-down-up turbulence. So what will be first? Getting to target weight, or my wife hitting me with a frying pan because she is so fed up of me droning on about my weight? Watch this space!

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