11lbs in two weeks!!

Pleased to say I lost 2lbs this week! I don’t think I’ve eaten enough calories to be honest. I’ve been eating around 1000 calories per day. My goal this week is to eat at least 1200 cals per day.

I’ve had cravings a couple of times this week, so I had a little of what I want. Instead of buying multi packs or the typical deals you get in the shop, I’ve just bought one of what I wanted so I didn’t have bad food in the house. Otherwise, I knew I would eat the whole packet, so I tried to play it safe!

I’m all stocked up ready for the next week. It’s my 31st birthday on February 3rd and I would really like to loose 5lbs between now and then to get into the 14st bracket. I think setting mini goals along the way should help.

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  • Chri says:

    Go for it girl. I have lost two stone on the women’s own diet and then gave it a rest for six months by just eating sensible. I am on it again to lose another two stone. What exercises are you doing? I am doing three classes of Zumba and wii fit at home. Look forward to following your blog. And keep it up.

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