Week 4 – not so good!

I stayed the same this week. Well, I am secretly pleased as I thought I would of gained!

crispsThis week, I have just felt everything was against me. If it wasn’t the kids arguing, stress of Christmas, not fitting into my clothes – the list continues! I have really struggled with my emotional eating this week. I found myself 6 packets of crisps (my weakness along with cheese) down in one sitting. The 1st packet I enjoyed but after that I was just forcing them in my mouth. Then the guilt started and then I just went into self destruct mode. I ended up eating the entire contents of the fridge along with the goodie cupboard! It was hard going to get into the right mind set after that – but I think I am back there now :-)

On a positive note, I have really loved swede this week. It’s one of my favourite vegetables. I usually roast it alongside carrots and parsnips, but I have discovered ‘screaming swede’. ‘Screaming Swede’ is simply putting it into the microwave for about 20 minutes and that’s it. It’s great if you can’t be bothered to peel it hahaha!

Update on the exercise – still not done any. I really do seem to have a mind block against it, which I am finding hard to deal with as I have always enjoyed it. But enough is enough, this time next week I will be blogging about all the exercise I have done!

Good Luck everyone for the week ahead xx


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