Week 3

This week I have lost 1 pound. Would of liked more as you do, but 1 pound less is 1 pound less!

This week has really been up and down for me but I have been in control of my eating. I am still going strong with not eating in front of the television :-) I am finding that hard when my husband is sat there eating crisps!

I ate out for 3 days this week and there is so much temptation in restaurants. Its really hard to make healthy choices. I have been to several hospital appointments with my mum and finding something healthy to eat on the run is difficult. My only saving grace was at one Christmas party, I did dance the night away to try and burn some of the extra calories off. My legs (and head) were feeling it the next day – haha.

I have always been a good water drinker but this week I made a conscious effort to drink more. I think it really helps and makes you mindful – are you thirsty or hungry? Also, with all the extra running back and forth to the loo can only help!

When I have been at home – I am loving eggs. Pouched, scrambled and omelettes. Quick and easy and really filling. It’s a good job that my Father has 6,000 chickens. I must stress though that there is a huge difference in egg quality that you can buy. You really need to go for a high quality egg as it makes such a difference!

So this next week, I am aiming to continue with the water drinking, eggs and all green ticks at the end of each day.

Good Luck everyone

P.s. I am still only looking at my exercise bike!

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