It’s a loss…. slowly slowly does it

stroganoffI lost 4lb over a few weeks, happy with it, as I have not changed my lifestyle, just eating healthy and cooking everything from scratch. I am also eating lots of veggies and drinking plenty of water and green tea. I am still enjoying my evening wine. I refuse to give it up, it’s the only guilty pleasure I have. I gave up smoking years ago, don’t splash out on clothes etc, don’t go out regularly (well except for the Christmas run up!!!!)

I’m enjoying my food, feeling better in myself so its a win win.

I am off to London tomorrow until Monday to visit our Eldest, I will choose the healthier options and on the plus side I will be walking for miles and miles!!!

Dinner tonight is yummy turkey meatballs in spicy tomato sauce with pasta. Plus a nice couple of red wines

Have a good weekend

Stay happy and healthy

Lesley x

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