Week 2 – 2 lbs lost

My first weigh in was a loss of 2lb.   This could have been so much more but things went a bit wrong over the weekend.

I started the week so well, then on Friday I had root canal treatment at the dentist and couldn’t really eat anything other than mushed up Weetabix.   You would think that this could make me have a greater loss as I was well under my days kcals on Friday, however by the time Saturday came I was starving

On Saturday I was still in a lot of pain, so I again had mushed up Weetabix but wanted something more…. I ended up eating my own weight in bread which was softened by dunking in soup, not the best food to eat in such  a massive quantities , especially when bread doesn’t really agree with me anyway but I was stuck for what I could manage.   I was drinking straight brandy (which I don’t like) but it seemed to help my sore mouth, mixed with strong painkillers (not recommended everyone!).

Basically I had a horrible day and Sunday didn’t improve very much.

I am starting to eat solid food (sound like a toddler lol) – still a bit sore but it is improving, so hopefully no pigging out on bread this week.    I still lost 2 lb so not terrible – but for a first week, I would expect to double that.   These things are sent to try us and I’m ready for week 2. :-)

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