Yay! Day 1 was a SUCCESS….small steps is the way forward, one day at a time. I do not wish to deprive myself, I’m 45, I don’t want to be no supermodel, just a bit more happier with myself.

So its day 2, breakfast was a cup of Peppermint & green tea, egg white & mushroom omelette. Litre of water.

fridgeTook to the shops with a vengeance, everything bought was fresh produce. Plenty of veggies, salad, fresh meats, eggs and cold meats. I did purchase a bottle of Gin and some slimline, I am attempting to cut back on wine because I believe it produces a ‘wine belly’ just like a ‘beer belly’ as both are full of sugar. So let’s see if a G&T will make a difference.

So I’ve been running around different supermarkets to get the best value and now it’s all packed away and I feel very satisfied with me healthy fridge and cupboards!

Late lunch today is turkey and sweet potato pie and I will be drinking lashing of peppermint tea and water.

Dinner planned tonight is Spicy pork and rice. If anyone is interested I am more than happy to share pictures and recipes.

So all in all I’m feeling very positive today and best of all satisfied!

Have a healthy happy day

LesleyinCity x

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