Catch up time

Ok I was good until Saturday, but then I did win a complimentary 2 night stay in a 5* hotel complete with 24/7 wine and nibbles. It was out of this world.

So no weigh in as if I gain I will go on a real downer.

Instead I’ve had a day on green tea and water and already feel less bloated. Breakfast was a egg white omlette fully satisfying and did you know you save about 80 Kcals per egg when you ditch the yolk? I spiced it up with black pepper and chilli flakes added mushrooms another fab bulk food at only 1kcal each!

FullSizeRender (3)Tonight dinner is once again homemade and really simple. Turkey meatballs with passata.

Sprayed pan with fry light added mushrooms sweet peppers garlic and onion. After the meatballs have browned add passatta, Rosemary, more garlic and plenty of black pepper to the veggies and serve on medium portion of pasta.

Perfect meal for this time of year.

So tomorrow I’m going to plan, plan, PLAN. Choose my dinner and lunch menus then shop according to recipe ideas. What ive found in the past with Nutracheck is nothing is denied, we deserve to be satisfied.

FullSizeRender (2)Ok so not a great start in week 1. So making today day 1abs believe me I will catch you up ha ha!

I will also be posting on my Twitter @lesleyincity with pics of meals I’ll be preparing.

Before I leave if you want to succeed my best tip is to take a couple of hours in the kitchen, chop fruits and veggies up ready for salads, recipes and snacks. Believe me it stops you reaching for the high calorie option when you look into the fridge.

Have a great week everyone!

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