Fired up and ready to lose!

Hi there fellow clubbers…

I got really fired up about losing a stone before Christmas – thought, hey this would be easy! How wrong can a girl be? I enter all the calories consumed in my diary, but hit a wall when I pull home cooked portions of casserole, fish pie et al, that I have not calorie counted for from the freezer. I have still had them, but put smaller portions on my plate for dinner instead!

The pedometer is being worn again, I’m forcing myself to park away from eventual destination so that Molly (my dog) and I get our steps in, and I’ve lost a pound since Monday! I’ve not reached 10,000 steps a day yet (my goal), but am trying – promise!

So next week I hope to blog about changing the way I eat. I’ve checked the freezer and only fresh meat and fish is in there, so any home prepared meals will be calorie counted from now on. Also going to try and eat my main meal at lunchtime (hard when at the office). Then have a lighter snack in the evening – I sleep so much when I do this!

Here goes….

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