Round-up of all things topical in January & Feb

I’m sure it comes as no surprise that January is one of the busiest months in the dieting calendar. We’ve shared various facts, stats and articles on Twitter, Facebook and on our new Blog over the last couple of months to help and inform all those who decided to embark on a weight loss journey this year. So I thought I’d provide a round up of just some of the articles, videos and tips we’ve posted – giving you the best start!

Our resident nutritionist, Janet Aylott, always has plenty to say and recently shared her knowledge on some emerging topics such as how food affects your brain, as well as the current¬† ‘hot potato’ – sugar! She also gave tips on how to successfully keep your new years resolution. Here at Nutracheck we couldn’t let the Sugar vs Fat debate (featured in a documentary last month) go unmentioned either, so we called upon Janet to respond to the BBC Horizion program that explored the evidence – read her response.

We also had posts from our style expert Alicia Kite and our fitness specialist Kelly Marshall who writes about what you should consider when joining a gym, especially if it’s on a whim in January. You may find the gym isn’t the most suitable option for you and your exercise goals to lose weight.

And as always, we’ve had posts from the Nutracheck Team. Erin wrote about how certain foods can help to beat the January Blues, and Rachel asked “What’s the evidence for popular diets and where does Nutracheck fit in”?

This month we also gave you the opportunity to get to know the Nutracheck Expert Panel a little bit better.¬† We interviewed Dr Ian Campbell (our medical advisor), Kelly Marshall (our fitness expert mentioned above) and Janet Aylott (our nutritionist – also mentioned above). You can check out Ian and Kelly’s videos below, where we ask them about approaches to weight loss in their profession and where Nutracheck fits in.

January also saw our biggest ever Weight Loss Challenge. 19 teams took part (Winter Olympic-inspired team names), competing to achieve personal goals to benefit their team over the duration of the 6 week Challenge. The winners – Team Curling – collectively lost an impressive 70lbs (that’s 5 stone!) over the course of the Challenge. Thanks to USA Pro for supplying prizes for the winning team.

Facebook and Twitter were busy as usual during January and February and we were delighted to hear how so many of you have been getting on with Nutracheck so far. Here’s a taster of some great mentions we received on Twitter:

BooHarnanFrom @BooHarman

@Nutracheck I’ve lost 8lbs with this app so far :-D it’s so so useful & makes you really be honest about what you’re actually eating !

From @vivatbella

Loving the @Nutracheck iPad app, fraction of the price of my previous slimming club and fits my lifestyle. #healthynotfaddy #fitfeb

From @FionaDillonHL

@Nutracheck Hi Emma – thanks for the RT. Am addicted to NutraCheck already. It’s fantastic- a good reality check :)

We also beat the 500 Followers mark on Twitter this February – Hurrah! If you’d like to be kept up to date with everything going on at Nutracheck (plus random thoughts that come up throughout the day), be sure to like our Facebook Page and Follow us on Twitter.

Finally, this month we’ve had a great response from people reviewing Nutracheck on Review Centre. We believe customer opinions are really helpful when it comes to making a decision, so we’d just like to say a big thank you to everyone who reviewed us, to show Nutracheck really does work. Read our Reviews on Review Centre here.

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