August/September newsletter round-up

If you’re subscribed to receive newsletters from us, you will have seen this month has bought some weekly tips straight to your inbox along with our special offer. So here’s my take on what we’ve been talking about – and feel free to leave a comment below :-)

3 Tips for surviving a big night out

Surviving a night out…or a big night in with friends! The thought of going out, or going to a friends house for the evening can be daunting when you’re trying to watch what you eat. So we came up with these three tips where Nutracheck can help you stay in control of your calorie consumption – whilst still having a good time and enjoying yourself of course! After all, nothing can beat the taste of those compliments you’ll be getting over a crisp, cool spritzer!

  1. Plan ahead and use ‘Day’s off’ Change your Nutracheck Food Diary settings to set an easier calorie target on the day in question. For even more leniency, bank calories earlier in the day so you have plenty to play with in the evening.
  2. Check out ‘Food Triggers’ Start tagging the foods you add to your Food Diary with emotional triggers – you’ll soon start learning how to manage situations where you consume more better.
  3. Get the App Download the Nutracheck App and keep track of your calorie consumption on the go. Perfect to keep an eye on your daily calorie summary whilst you’re out.

2 tips for improving your diary keeping

Tips for improving your diary keeping.What you want is keeping your Food Diary to become habit. So we rounded up what we feel are the best ways to complete your diary every day and help you stay on track.

  1. Plan ahead 17% of members said they completed their Food Diary in advance which has 2 benefits – (1) You know what you’re eating is within your calorie target, and (2), you won’t forget anything. Give it a go and you may find it works better for you.
  2. Copy your favourite days To make filling in your diary as quick and easy as possible, use the ‘Multiple Copy/Delete’ tool to copy over whole or part days, or individual foods to future days.

Emotions that make you eat

I mentioned the Food Triggers tool above which can really help with managing the emotions that make us eat. After all, many of us don’t just eat because we’re hungry, it can be because of other triggers too.

In another survey we conducted, 60% of members said boredom made them eat more, followed by stress at 29%. So it’s really important to keep a record of why you’ve eaten something when filling in your Food Diary.  Doing this by ‘tagging’ the foods you add to your Food Diary with a trigger will give you a report outlining how you can better manage the trigger you’ve succumbed to better in the future.

Emotional eating food triggers.

Hiding temptation from view

Diets fail when you deprive yourself of foods you love. So we feel it’s important to have a little of what you love – just in moderation. So a really effective tip is to hide tempting treats from view so you’re not always fighting the urge to break back into the biscuit tin! Our advice, ditch the see-through containers and keep your treat foods in containers that you can’t see in. It’s a simple one, but effective!

Biscuit Tins.

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