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How to track extra nutrients

Many of us check food labels to try to eat a healthy diet – but it’s not always easy to know how we’re doing. To give you greater insight into your diet, we track 5 more nutrients – carbs, sugar, protein, saturated fat and salt – as well as calories and fat. 3 easy steps […]

8 tips for reducing sugar in your diet

There’s no official figure, but UK labelling uses a guideline (target) of 90g per day based on a 2,000 calorie/day diet, which is 18% of total calories from all sugars – added AND naturally occurring – this is the target Nutracheck uses. What’s most important is the SOURCE of sugar in your diet. We should […]

What a healthy & balanced 7 day food diary looks like

Back in 2014 Dr Janet Aylott was tasked with creating a 7 day food diary based on a 1,400 calorie per day target that was realistic, aspirational and checked the ‘healthily eating’ boxes. You can read her original blog post here. Our budding mathematician Kate took a break from answering your customer care emails to […]

The truth about sugar

It’s fair to say sugar has been a very hot topic over recent times, often dominating the headlines. It can be hard to know what the right approach is when it comes to eating sugar – should it be demonised and cut out completely or is there a place for it in our diet? We […]

5-a-day more like 2-a-day? Try these tips!

In a recent survey we asked our members if the warmer weather affected their fruit and veg intake and an overwhelming 81% said yes! What’s better is they said they ate more fruit and veg in the warmer months – which is great news for hitting the 5-a-day target. Not only is fruit and veg […]

Can we reverse Diabetes through weight loss?

I’m always on the search for the latest nutrition research, and amazed by the quality of scientific studies that are taking place here in the UK, and around the world. Last week I was lucky enough to hear about some fascinating work straight from the ‘horse’s mouth’ when I attended a conference on Diabetes. Currently […]