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A Meal for Maintainers

We Nutracheck regulars, Sprog and Steve, have written occasional joint blogs this year, which people seem to have found interesting. So we thought it was about time for another one… SCENE 1: THE INVITATION STEVE and ANN (Mrs Steve): Would you be free to come to dinner one day, Sprog? SPROG: Oh, yes please! STEVE: […]

Home Eating and Away Eating

First the numbers of an obsessive maintainer… Weight that I decided to maintain at: 85.0kg (13st 5) Average weight since getting to my target: 83.3kg (13st 2) Average weight in the last month: 84.0kg (13st 3) Average daily steps in the last month 10,865 This probably looks quite good. The snag is that we came […]

Snack-free Zone

More than once, people have been surprised that I do not snack at all. In a way it is quite surprising, because I certainly eat a lot, but I don’t get hungry enough between meals to want to have a snack. Possibly not snacking is useful for controlling my weight, so I thought it might […]

Food Diary: Back to Basics

When I started with Nutracheck I did things exactly by the book. But several months after that, and quite a bit lighter, I reasoned that I was not going to want to fill in a food diary forever, so I would stop filling it in for a week and see how I got on. I […]

Phone Home…

Smart phones and tablets have brought the use of social media to even the most technophobic. OK, Facebook is just ‘so over’ to the younger generation but it’s fine for an old fogy like me. I enjoy sharing photos and thoughts with my sister and immediate friends and seeing what everyone else is up to. […]

Weight Wobbles

It’s exactly ten months since I woke up to find that I weighed in at 85kg, decided that that was low enough and that it was time for maintenance to begin. A couple of weeks after that I had drifted a bit lower (to 83.5kg) and it’s that weight that I now count as my […]

The power of the positive

Positive thinking is not simply a warm and fuzzy nice idea. It is based on a fundamental psychological principle called “learning theory” and it is how you have learned to do everything you can already do (and that includes putting on weight). Eating food which we don’t need (especially sweet and fatty foods) is something […]

Trick or Treat?

Let me set the scene. You’ve topped the car up with fuel and now you’re queuing to pay. To the right are bags of doughnuts and giant cookies. To the left there’s a tempting array of chocolate bars and crisps. Your will power is strong. You look straight ahead and keep your hands in your […]