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Latest vitamin D supplement advice – necessary or just good news for manufacturers?

The Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition (SACN) has recently reviewed our Vitamin D recommendations and based on this, Public Health England (PHE) have set new guidelines for the UK. It’s now being recommended that we all consider taking a 10 microgram Vitamin D supplement throughout the autumn and winter months (September to March). Considering for […]

The truth about sugar

It’s fair to say sugar has been a very hot topic over recent times, often dominating the headlines. It can be hard to know what the right approach is when it comes to eating sugar – should it be demonised and cut out completely or is there a place for it in our diet? We […]

The 5-a-day debate

Guidelines behind 5-a-day As I’m sure you know, the principle behind 5-a-day is to get us all eating more fresh fruit and vegetables. Ideally this should be fruit and veg in its natural state – not part of processed products that have other ingredients added. In a quest to highlight positive health benefits of processed […]

The Big BMI Debate

Body Mass Index (BMI) has hit the headlines again this week, so I thought I’d have a quick look at the hype and the facts behind the news. What is BMI? BMI is a concept first developed over 150 years ago as a gauge to see how ‘at risk’ an individual was of premature illness […]

Nutracheck for Pets… Happy April 1st!

….would you sign up your furry friend? The UK obesity epidemic is not restricted to people unfortunately. Whilst 65% of UK adults are now overweight or obese, one third of pets in the UK are also overweight. And they are susceptible to the same obesity related disorders as we are – diabetes, heart disease, respiratory […]

Can we reverse Diabetes through weight loss?

I’m always on the search for the latest nutrition research, and amazed by the quality of scientific studies that are taking place here in the UK, and around the world. Last week I was lucky enough to hear about some fascinating work straight from the ‘horse’s mouth’ when I attended a conference on Diabetes. Currently […]