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6 common dieting pitfalls to avoid

Losing weight comes down to eating fewer calories than you burn. Keeping a food diary is a proven way to help you do this, but if not used correctly, you may not get the results you are hoping for. Avoid some classic calorie counting mistakes by following our essential tips on how to achieve weight […]

What to do when the scales don’t shift

Been sticking to the diet but not seeing the results you want? This is a common issue and was in fact the third most popular reason why people in our recent poll said they’d given up on diets in the past (after stress and boredom). It’s no wonder, if you feel you are doing everything […]

Lose weight in 10 minutes a day

In our recent poll, 10% of people said a diet that was too time-consuming or impractical was the main reason they had fallen off the diet wagon in the past. It’s often the case that diets that require you to change your eating habits a lot or cut out certain foods, do take up more […]

My aspirational sample 7 day food diary

Over the past few weeks I have written blog about sugar and sugar vs fat in response to what has been in the news. Rachel has also looked at the evidence for popular diets. Last week’s BBC2 programme made some interesting findings about the effects of high sugar and high fat diets – but the […]

Avoiding temptation – 4 handy tips

1. Out of sight, out of mind We have all been there – the biscuit jar is staring at you from the work top! Every time you walk past, it’s tempting to break off a bit of biscuit, after all half biscuits don’t count do they!? Instead of storing your treats in a clear container […]

Speeding up filling in your Food Diary

What’s great about being a member of Nutracheck’s Customer Care team is we’re always speaking with members and finding out how our Food Diary works for them (and how it fits into their lifestyle). One of the most common questions we get asked from new members is “how can I speed up filling in my […]

Emotional Eating – Our newest Food Diary tool

We’re always busy behind the scenes at Nutracheck developing new and exciting features to add to our Food Diary Service.  Latest on the line-up is our new Emotional Eating Tool which I’m really excited to tell you about. What we eat is often influenced by emotions and circumstances. Understanding this better helps to keep your […]