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Coffee – friend or foe?

I was recently asked by a member if tea had less of a negative effect on our arteries than coffee and was soon after asked by a colleague if they should drink more coffee to improve their health! With the ever changing headlines about coffee, you’d be forgiven for not knowing if you should down […]

The Low-down on Bacon

There’s just something about bacon isn’t there? It taste like nothing else and the smell of it cooking is one of the most irresistible smells on earth. I’ve even witnessed it turning two, not one, but two vegetarians into meat eaters – not ideal I’ll admit, but it just highlights the power of bacon! To […]

The Power of 10% Weight Loss

Very often when people decide to lose weight, they set their sight on their final goal – but if you have a lot to lose, this can be a long way off and the journey feels quite daunting which is not great for keeping yourself motivated. So our advice is to set your weight loss […]

What’s all the fuss about gluten?

Today has been hailed as National Gluten Free Day – a dedicated day to celebrate all things gluten free! And you can’t have failed to notice the growing interest in gluten free diets among health gurus in recent years. But why all the fuss – are more people becoming intolerant to gluten? Well that’s what […]

A holiday doesn’t have to negatively impact your fitness and weight loss efforts!

A holiday can be relaxing, restful and physically beneficial at the same time – with a little bit of consideration and preparation. Combining sunbathing, sleeping and socialising with interspersed laps in the pool or walking along the beach, can create an effective calorie balance and help avoid the post-holiday weight gain! Some great holiday options […]

Nutracheck Fitness Expert Kelly Marshall answers your Facebook questions

When it comes to exercise and weight loss, there are so many different theories it’s hard to know if you’re doing the right thing! You posted your burning questions on our Facebook page and we asked Kelly Marshall, Nutracheck’s Fitness Specialist to give her expert advice. Read Kelly’s responses below and start getting fit for […]

Allergies and intolerances – sorting fact from fiction

Having an allergy has become quite fashionable over the past few years, but the reality of an allergy or an intolerance is far from a pleasant experience and finding the cause of the problem isn’t always easy. Although the rate is increasing, the true level of allergies remains low in the population. Despite over 20% […]