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The truth about bread

Bread is a food that classically gets a lot of stick when it comes to weight loss and healthy eating. While some types of bread aren’t the most nutritious, there are plenty of healthy options to choose from. Bread can provide us with lots of nutrients if we choose the right types, and unless you […]

4 top tips to beat diet boredom

Ever given up on a diet because you were fed up of eating the same old meals? Well you’re not alone. Boredom and restricted food choice came in second (after stress) in our recent members’ poll on the top reasons we fall off the diet wagon. It appears that following a restrictive weight loss plan […]

The 5-a-day debate

Guidelines behind 5-a-day As I’m sure you know, the principle behind 5-a-day is to get us all eating more fresh fruit and vegetables. Ideally this should be fruit and veg in its natural state – not part of processed products that have other ingredients added. In a quest to highlight positive health benefits of processed […]

The secrets of a successful weight loss resolution

This time of year, there are adverts for diets everywhere. As much as it is an annual tradition to indulge over Christmas, so it is to start the weight loss and fitness regime in January. But it probably won’t surprise you to hear that the average new year diet lasts only 2 -3 weeks, before […]