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14 clever ways to get your step count

Dance like no-one’s looking Every morning I dance around the house for 30 mins – 3000 steps Click & Collect Make every brew count! I pace round the table while the kettle boils. Not allowed to stop walking till the little ping says its done. Ana1 Maximise the dog walk! When I take the dog […]

What a healthy & balanced 7 day food diary looks like

Back in 2014 Dr Janet Aylott was tasked with creating a 7 day food diary based on a 1,400 calorie per day target that was realistic, aspirational and checked the ‘healthily eating’ boxes. You can read her original blog post here. Our budding mathematician Kate took a break from answering your customer care emails to […]

7 secrets of successful ‘Super Trackers’

The last weight loss challenge was called the ‘Super Tracker Challenge‘. Run by Nutracheck nutritionist Emma, the aim was to keep a consistent food diary for 66 unbroken days – even the days where you went over target (66 days being the time it takes to establish a new habit). For brave members wanting an […]

Diet trends of 2015

As 2015 draws to a close, I thought I’d take a look at some of this year’s most popular eating trends and diets. There have been some new and interesting crazes, let’s check out 5 of these in more detail: 1) Clean eating What it’s about Clean eating is about eating nothing but ‘real’ foods […]

Life after losing weight

Congratulations – you’ve successfully lost weight and reached your goal! This means you have achieved one of the most fundamental steps in the healthy weight game. Now it’s time to move onto the next stage – maintaining! Although this requires just as much effort as weight loss, it’s loads more fun and flexible. And as […]

Our guide to a healthier picnic

National Picnic week starts today, so time to get out the blanket, dust off the picnic basket and get out your finest plastic crockery to celebrate. Picnics are a great occasion for family and friends to get together, relax, and tuck into some tasty food. And a little thing like the weather doesn’t put us […]