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A sneak peek into the diet of a student!

The well-known student lifestyle of takeaways, excessive alcohol and pulling all nighters for assignment deadlines doesn’t typically adhere to a healthy pattern of behaviour. With this in mind I asked two of my friends, both attending university in Leeds, to complete a diet diary for 5 days. Alex studies History and during the 5 days, […]

The dieter’s Christmas survival guide

Tis the season to be jolly… and over fed! Christmas, or rather December as a whole, is filled with tempting food. A full social diary, meals out, open chocolate tins in the office, more alcohol than we’re used to – and that’s all before the actual day itself! It’s easy to see how the average […]

Love Cider? Check out how many calories you’re drinking!

Ever wondered how many calories you’re consuming when drinking a cool cider? Check out our infographic to see the calorie difference between brands.  Ranging from 187 calories for a pint to a not so cool 390 calories for a 500ml bottle. Click on the the infographic below to enlarge.

Go sober for October – a great cause to raise £’s & lose lb’s

You may have heard of “Go sober for October” – a fantastic cause set up and run by Macmillan Cancer Support. If you’ve got involved, you may find you’re not only doing something special for a great cause, but also feeling the benefits that reducing your alcohol intake has on your health. So a huge […]