5 curries under 550 calories

It’s wise to be wary of Indian takeaways or restaurants when losing weight. Takeaway curries tend to be cooked with ghee (clarified butter), plus some dishes have cream added and nuts too. This all contributes to the taste – but also the calorie content! Add to that a portion of pilau rice and a naan – both carb heavy – and you’ve got yourself quite a calorific meal.

But curries don’t have to be off the menu. A homemade one can be a very healthy addition to your diet – you control the amount of fat used and the type of protein (opt for lean chicken or fish). By including more vegetables and pulses in your curry, you can add bulk without excessive calories. Opt for tomato based sauces, choose lean cuts of meat, limit the amount of oil used and use low fat natural yogurt in place of cream when needed.

2017_Currys Under 550 Cals5

2017_Currys Under 550 Cals4

2017_Currys Under 550 Cals3

2017_Currys Under 550 Cals2

2017_Currys Under 550 Cals

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