6 easy ways to earn your Easter egg


Here at Nutracheck we’re all about balance and don’t believe in depriving yourself of your favourite foods completely. So rather than taking an exclusion approach to Easter treats this year, we’re taking a positive forward thinking approach and have got 6 nifty ways you can save calories to earn your Easter treats in advance!

1. Do 1,000 extra steps a day

This will burn approximately 35 more calories each day – so if you do this every day it all adds up! Easy ways to add an extra 1,000 step include:

• 10 minutes walking
• Carry each item of your washing to the washing machine separately – several trips up and down the stairs soon adds up.
• Run on the spot for 1 minute, 7 times throughout the day
• Get on and off the bus a stop earlier.
• Use the toilet furthest away from you (or on another floor) all day.
• Park in the space furthest away from the shops, office or gym

Calories earned over 7 days = 245


2. Switch from semi – skimmed to skimmed milk in your tea/coffee

It’s a small saving but if you have lots of hot drinks it can all add up. You’ll save 5 calories per mug, and if you have say 5 mugs a day – it’s a saving worth making!

Calories saved over 7 days = 175


3. Skip the spread on your sandwich

Even if you use reduced fat spread and thinly spread it on two slices of bread, it adds 36 calories to your day. So skipping this for just a week makes a real difference!

Calories saved over 7 days = 250


4. Cut 10% off your carb portion at dinner

If you have potatoes, pasta, rice or noodles with your dinner, reduce your carb portion by 10% and to save a handy number of calories across a week.

Pasta – reduce from 70g dried weight to 63g – save 25 kcals
Rice – reduce from 60g dried weight to 54g – save 21 kcals
Noodles – reduce from 50g dried weight to 45g – save 19 kcals
Potato – reduce from 250g raw weight to 225g – save 17 kcals

Calories saved over 7 days = approximately 150


5. Swap your medium sized bread for small loaf slices

Many of us have toast or a sandwich pretty often! But if for one week you swapped 2 slices of bread each day from a medium loaf to a small loaf, you could save plenty of calories without noticing that much!

Calories saved over 7 days = 240


6. Add 5 minutes onto your exercise routine

Assuming you exercise 3 times per week, if you add 5 minutes onto your session each time, that’s 15 mins extra over the week. If you’re running, cycling, swimming or gyming, these calorie burns can all add up.

5 mins running – burns approx. 50 kcals
5 mins brisk walk – burns approx. 20 kcals
5 mins cycling – burns approx. 30 kcals
5 mins circuits – burns approx. 40 kcals
5 mins swimming – burns approx. 30 kcals

Calories earned over 3 days = approximately 100


And the grand total is…

If you do each of these every day for a week, you’ll have banked 1,160 calories! That’s enough for an entire kid’s sized Easter egg and some extra towards a tasty Easter Sunday roast. So you can enjoy safe in the knowledge that you earned it!

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