Chris’s ‘Around the UK Rowing Challenge’

FEBRUARY UPDATE – Chris’s 2017 Rowing Challenge

If losing 9 stone wasn’t enough, NC member Chris Angel set himself an ambitious goal for 2017 to row the distance of circumnavigating the UK on his indoor rowing machine.

He’s been in the saddle now for 49 hours 16 minutes and rowed 523 Km since 1st January.  Starting from London, Chris has reached Hartlepool on our map of the UK.


He might not be rowing on open water but this new year challenge is proving tougher than Chris anticipated. To make it around the UK within 12 months requires a unrelenting, intensive program.

It’s been much harder than I expected so far. Trying to keep up with the daily 12 Km schedule around working long hours and traveling for work has been very challenging. That and the effect of over 49 hours in the saddle!”

A sore behind aside, Chris has also felt some positive fitness benefits for his efforts – steely leg muscles and the ability to maintain higher intensity workouts!

Well done Chris – keep up the great work!

Chris is raising money for Unicef UK.  Visit Chris’s fundraising page

Chris Angel lost 9 stone in 2014 and was Nutracheck’s Inspirational Member of the Year. Since then, he’s stayed with Nutracheck and we’ve followed Chris’s journey after losing the weight. Looking back to 2014, things were very different…

The stark moment of truth


The turning point for Chris came on New Year’s Day in 2014. He tipped the scales at nearly 22 stone (139 kilos) – his heaviest weight ever.

“I was the biggest I had ever been and my health was suffering. I had high blood pressure, I was pre-diabetic and given my father had type 2 diabetes, I was at a high risk. My GP gave me a stark choice: take medication to control my blood pressure and the onset of diabetes – or lose weight”.

Aged only 46, it was a harsh wake up call. Chris realised that the only person who could change things was himself and so his journey began.

3 years, 3 massive achievements


By the end of 2014, Chris was 9 stone lighter. He had smashed his own target and amazed himself. After being obese all his adult life, this incredible achievement made him realise he could achieve things he never believed possible.

To ‘keep the ball rolling’ – and far from feeling confident – Chris decided that 2015 would be the year to get fit and maintain his 9 stone weight loss. 12 months on he nailed it.

Not content, Chris set a new goal for 2016 – one many of us would find tough – to quit alcohol for 12 months. Amazingly he did it – and actually found it easier than he’d expected!

A tough challenge for the new year

We caught up with Chris in December to find out about his plans for 2017. Not surprisingly he had another challenge in mind.

“I’ve decided to use my rowing machine to cover the same distance as a circumnavigation of the British Isles – a distance of 3,900km. There’s a very simple reason I’m not doing it ‘for real’; I get very sea sick!”

Starting from London, Chris will row anti clockwise from London, up the east coast to Scotland, around the top of the UK and back down the west coast before turning east for the final leg returning to London.

Achieving this goal will require Chris to row an average of 10.7 km every day of the year. Being realistic (to allow for holidays, sick days and general ‘I can’t be bothered’ days), Chris plans to row only 340 days – meaning he must cover 11.5 Km each time.

The challenge will take Chris around 325 hours to complete, based on an average of 12 km per hour.


Rowing for charity

Chris told us “My 2016 goal was easier than expected and I did it for me. I wanted my 2017 goal to be much harder and about more than my own ambition, so I’ve decided to row for charity. I can benefit others whilst still achieving a personal major goal”.

“It also feels like a logical next step in my lifestyle change that started back in January 2014. I started out wanting to weigh less, feel better and be more healthy. But a funny thing happened along the way; I never imagined that I would learn to love exercise or that I would feel inspired to test myself each year but that’s what came along with the changes Nutracheck helped me achieve. Now that I can track macro-nutrients in Nutracheck, I can fine tune my eating to support this sort of physical challenge, making that lifestyle change easier to maintain”

An inspirational thought for 2017…

As a new year begins, we asked Chris what his journey so far had taught him.

“Since joining Nutracheck, I’ve come to realise that what you think is the end goal or your limit is actually just the beginning of the next phase. The thing you believe is impossible is not only possible, but it’s actually just a way-point on the journey toward something you haven’t dared to dream of yet.

In January 2014 I was obese, couldn’t walk for more than 10 minutes and was pre-diabetic with high blood pressure. In January 2017, I’ll begin working on a goal that requires physical and mental strength I would never have dreamed possible just 3 years ago. Nutracheck, the member community and the support of family and friends made this possible. All I brought to the equation was a little effort to take the first step”.

We hope you’ll join us and take a step closer to your goal in 2017. Today is the first blank page of your 365 page diary. Write a good one! :)


  • Sprog says:

    That’s brilliant!

    Which charities are you supporting? Will you let us know in case people want to contribute – and anyway, do let us know how you are getting on!

    Best wishes,

  • Steve says:

    Couldn’t be prouder of my brother. I know he will make it as he always acheives his goals.

  • Chris Angel says:

    Thanks for the comments! I have not yet chosen a charity but it will probably be UNICEF. As soon as I get my act together and set up a Just Giving page, I will post it here.

    For those interested in an update, I am 92 Km behind where I should be at this stage. That’s eight 12 Km sessions I have to make up. On the plus side, I’ve already covered 159.3 Km which took me 13 hours, 10 minutes and 45.1 seconds. I do like a bit of precision!

  • MaggiK.. says:

    Brilliant blog…Inspirational.

    Good luck with your challenge. Keep us posted.


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