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If you have any friends or relatives who you think might like to try Nutracheck, tell us who they are and we’ll send them an email inviting them to try Nutracheck.

We will only contact them once, and the email below is what we will send. If your friend decides to buy a subscription to Nutracheck, we’ll add 30 days free membership to your account (T&Cs apply).

To give us your friends email address, click here.


Your friend [your name] has requested that we get in touch to invite you to try the Nutracheck App and website.

[Your name] is a member of Nutracheck, a calorie counter and food diary service, and thought that you might like it too.

There is a free trial with no obligation, just visit to register, it only takes a couple of minutes. Or download the App – search for ‘Nutracheck’ in the app store.

We hope you will take a look as your friend [your name] is enjoying using the service.

Please be assured, we will not contact you again, this was a one-off message.

Kind regards


Nutracheck Team

Terms & Conditions

You will receive 30 days free membership if you recommend a friend who pays to join Nutracheck before the 29th February 2016. (Max. 3 x 30 days free memberships per member). Your friend must not have been a member of Nutracheck in the past. The referral MUST be made via the link in this blog or the email we sent you so it is attributable to you. The 30 days free membership will be added to your account 14 days after your friend has joined, and will be the same membership type you currently have. We will only contact your friend once using the email address you give us. Their details will not be used for any other purpose. 



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