Join the Nutracheck Super Tracker Challenge!

To get your weight loss off to a supercharged start in the new year, sign up now in the Nutracheck ‘Challenges’ forum!

What’s the theme?

7f0147d9-74f7-4f34-8b4c-b9163c79cb71[1]It’s the Super Tracker Challenge.

Nutracheck is all about a healthier lifestyle, it’s not a ‘diet’.  We know it takes around 66 days to form a new habit.  Keeping a food diary has been found to double weight loss, so it’s a great habit to develop. And it only takes around 10 minutes a day using Nutracheck.

Your goal is to keep an unbroken food diary for the length of the Challenge – which will be 66 days.

Ideally you’ll be sticking to your targets throughout this time, but if you have a blip, still keep tracking your food and exercise – even if it’s not perfect.

How it will work

It will be a team based challenge as normal, so Emma will split you into teams so that you can help keep each other motivated and on track.

There will be a small prize for each member of the winning team, to be announced after the Challenge.

a32658cd-81a5-47c2-b9e0-10149c0d2637[1]Mini tasks

Each week Emma will set a mini task. These will all be related to a different aspect of a healthy lifestyle – for example sticking to your calorie target, eating your 5-a-day, switching to wholegrains over refined carbs and getting 30 minutes daily exercise.

The Super Tracker Extreme Challenge!

For those who are up for a tougher challenge, your aim is to not just track for the 66 days, but to keeping a perfect diary for the entire 66 day duration of the challenge. This means:

  • Not a single day over by more than 50 calories
  • Not a single week over alcohol units
  • Every day 5 portions of fruit and veg
  • Every day at least 8 glasses of fluid
  • Every day at least 200 calories worth of exercise achieved

If anyone wants to take on this challenge – let Emma know and she will monitor your progress throughout. There will be a prize of 12 months Web & App membership to her chosen Super Tracker (or Trackers) – based on the most impressive diary.

Challenge details

The challenge will run for 3 days from Monday 4th January to Wednesday 9th March.

cd83d8d8-c89d-4ea6-b4dc-ec7c4992c38c[1]How to sign up

Go to the Nutracheck forums:

- Website & App members – go to the forum and click on the advert on the right to pledge how many pounds you would like to lose over the 66 days.

- App-Only members – look for Emma’s post in the ‘Challenges’ forum and post on it how much weight you’d like to lose over the 66 days – Emma will add you in.

For anyone who has not done a Challenge before, Emma will get your initial weight loss and weekly updates from your Forum profile, which is updated automatically from your Weight Tracker. So please ensure you have ticked ‘Show rosettes for weight lost so far’ which is an option within ‘Edit My Details’.

Once the Challenge starts please don’t reset your Weight Tracker. Each week of the challenge just add your weekly weigh in to your Weight Tracker as normal – it doesn’t matter which day your weigh in is, just keep it the same from now until the end of the challenge.

Any questions, contact Emma on

Good luck!

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