The first week of maintenance

Keep CalmA week or so back I hit 85kg, and decided (with a BMI of 24.8) that that was enough. Now – maintenance! I have blogged before that I wanted my maintenance to be my new eating habits, but tweaked a bit. So I’m following the advice on the Nutracheck site – I’m just going to tweak it a very small amount to begin with then, if that doesn’t stop my weight loss, I can always tweak it a bit more, and so on. This week my very small tweaks were slightly more brown rice (once), a tuna sandwich for lunch (once) and bigger portions of breakfast porridge (every day). This morning I weighed 84.5kg, but one weigh-in doesn’t mean anything, so I will just carry on for now. I’ll only start to think about another tweak if it looks like my weight trend is still down.

In any case, next week is a very difficult time for anyone who needs to watch their calories. We are away on a residential course, so all cooking will be out of our hands. I’m pretty sure that this is the first time since I changed my eating habits that we have had a whole week of eating food we haven’t cooked. I’m hoping that my new habits will see me through without any disasters, but I’m feeling a bit nervous about it, I must say.

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