Week 2 weigh in…..I’m in shock!!

shutterstock_208967302I was very nervous getting up this morning. As usual I felt like a bloated whale!

I got to Tesco, stepped on the scale and I was gob smacked! I’ve lost just under 9lbs! I was so shocked, but extremely happy!

I’ve really enjoyed my week this week. I must confess I’ve eaten a lot of ┬áready meals, low fat and low calorie, but I’ve still eaten biscuits, pizza, and I even ate my favourate chocolate last night Reeses peanut butter cups.

My energy this week hasn’t been great so I haven’t moved much, but in time hopefully that will change.

I’ve kept a diary of what I’ve eaten and how many calories I’ve munched on. I’ll be taking more pictures every week with what I’ve eaten good, bad, or treats just to show you there’s nothing you can’t have as long as it’s within your fat and calories intake.

Ill be doing my best again in the next week with food so here’s hopefully to another good loss!

Start weight….16st 1.9lbs

Weight today….15st 7.3lbs

Weight lost so far….8.6lbs

Sian xxx


  • Helen says:

    Wow well done!! I have lost a pound this week! Hoped for better but have had some off days! I have 5.5 st to lose. Look forward to swing your entries xx

  • Viv says:

    Well done Sian, I just hope I can lose as much as you in my 1st week, like I said well done, keep up,the good work

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