It’s been another good week of socialising…

Saturday night was Mike’s Men’s club Christmas do, which entailed the wives all meeting up in our local Boozer…..28 of us made for an entertaining evening! We exchanged secret Santa gifts too which was lovely.

As previously mentioned I visited the gym and after much thought, joined up and signed a direct debit on Sunday! I had my induction on Monday, visited the gym this Tuesday starting off slowly on the walking machine. I did 15 mins straight off quite speedily and on an incline.

My intention is to attend the Senior Activity Sessions 3 times a week, plus factor in my 10,000 steps on a ‘pop in’ basis.

Food wise, I have been careful recording everything I eat and as a consequence, the records proved correct – my weight on Wednesday morning was one pound heavier! What a nuisance…still I am sure that 1lb, plus another, will be gone by next Wednesday….(well, it had better be)…..

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