Week 2

Ok, so last week I lost 1 pound – which I was happy with

So, I dusted off my exercise bike but I still haven’t made that step to jump on it – why is it so hard making that leap into exercise? I used to love to exercise but now I somehow feel frightened to start again. I wonder if it is because I know I won’t be as fit as I was? Anyways, no excuses I am going to give it a go soon!

Well, this week has been really good and I am feeling positive. Seeing those green ticks at the end of everyday has given me a real boost. I have stopped myself snacking at night in front of the TV. On Sunday night, I ate a whole bag of family size crisps without even realising I was eating them – hence why I stopped eating in front of the TV! I treated myself to a glass of diet pop in the evening instead :-) This week, the only bread I have eaten has been Warburton brown thins. I must say I am really enjoying them :-)

I finished the week off by going out to the pub on Saturday night and ended up drinking far too much gin and a takeaway to finish off the night. I am too afraid to work out the calories! I really struggled on Sunday with a hangover. I just wanted to eat everything in sight. Its a good job I don’t go out very often! But it has made me more determined to lose weight seeing everyone dressed up.

Today (Sunday) is the start of a new week for me, so I’m going to forget about all those calories from last night. On the up side I did lose 2 pounds this week – happy happy happy :-)

Goals for this week are:

  1. Start to exercise
  2. Hit my 100% target on the Fruit and Vegetables
  3. Continue not snacking in the evenings


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