Calories burned playing tennis – Did Wimbledon inspire you to take to the court?

Andy MurrayIt was an emotional and tense finals day a couple of months ago on the courts of Wimbledon for the British public, oh, and for Andy Murray too!

If, like me, it’s inspired you to take to the court and brush up on your tennis skills, as a Nutracheck Food & Exercise Diary user (and employee of course!), I was naturally interested to see how many calories I’d burn whilst trying to get a decent rally going.

Believe it or not (and this will likely explain Andy’s requirement for 6000+ calories a day), a game of singles tennis (ranging from moderate to intense effort) can burn between 450-650 calories per hour. This can of course vary slightly from person to person (depending on their height/weight etc) but it’s a good ballpark figure to go by (forgive the pun)!

On a more light-hearted topic, if you’ve ever wondered how many calories you’d burn mowing the Wimbledon Courts (there must be some of you out there?), you’d actually burn 400-500 calories per hour mowing a lawn with a push-type mower. Unfortunately, only 200 calories if you’ve been promoted to the ride-on type!

Remember, you can find the calorie-burn information for hundreds of sports and leisure activities in your Food & Exercise Diary. Simply use the “+Add Exercise” search box to add an exercise or activity.

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